An Inside Look at Programming at Google

Could you imagine spending 20% of your time doing peer reviews of other colleague’s code? Well according to I, Cringely that’s what happens at Google.  There are a number of other practices that are not the usual norm as well.  Interesting reading.

3 Responses to “An Inside Look at Programming at Google”

  1. Marcus Del Greco says:

    Wow, it’s hard to read that as a software developer and NOT want to work there. Anybody feel the same way?

  2. Kirk Remignanti says:

    The thought of working for a company that produces the “cleanest code in the digital world” is certainly appealing.

  3. Ed Sawyer says:

    I wish we (UNH) had that much time for code review. Sometimes I barely have time to even review my own code before deploying it… ;-)

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