Save MySQL?

The world’s most popular open source database, MySQL… which also happens to support this blog… is in the middle of an interesting struggle right now. UNH has a ton of dependency on both Oracle and MySQL, so we should be interested.

For me, MySQL was the free database I could learn on my own time. That means a lot when you’re broke. My own bias towards developing with non-commercial software stems from nothing more than preferring the hammer that is always within reach, regardless of financial standing. I think there’s something worth preserving in that.

Programmer Question-And-Answer Sites

Last year, I joined a great question-and-answer site for programmers: StackOverflow. This website is an excellent resource for when you’re “stuck”. It’s also an excellent place to help your fellow geeks get unstuck, for which you can earn reputation points, badges, etc… increasing the fun-factor a bit. I can attest to having been helped mightily on a number of occasions by members of this community.

Anyone else a StackOverflow member?

Last month, O’Reilly Books launched its own question-and-answer site, O’Reilly Answers, that appears to share some of the values and strengths of StackOverflow. I haven’t tried O’Reilly’s site yet, but if someone does, let us know how you like it in the comments.

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