Article: “You’re a Bad Programmer. Embrace It.”

While browsing a Groovy/Grails oriented website recently, I came across this article which I felt obligated to share with everyone here at Software @ UNH. The title of the article is You’re a Bad Programmer. Embrace It..

How many developers think they’re good programmers? We’re not. We’re all fairly bad at what we do. We can’t remember all the methods our code needs to call, so we use autocompleting IDEs to remind us. And the languages we’ve spent years, in some cases decades, learning? We can’t even type the syntax properly, so we have compilers that check and correct it for us.

Don’t even get me started on the correctness of the logic in the code… I’m looking at a chart that shows failure rates for software projects. “Small” projects (about a year for 8 people) have a 46% success rate. That’s almost half. Any longer project just plummets down to a 2% rate for projects costing 10 million or more. In other words, our projects nearly always fail.

Enjoy :-)

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  1. Marcus says:

    It’s really true… I’m definitely a bad programmer. It’s easy enough to get into, but *incredibly* tough to master. At least for me. Luckily though, it keeps me interested by always playing ‘hard to get’.

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