Grammatically-Correct Random Pass Phrase Generator (in Perl)

I change my passwords every 3 months, but my passphrases are getting kind of stale. The arugment for changing your passphrases is about the same as changing your password. Being lazy (but curious), I went looking for a passphrase generator similar in philosophy to the apg password generator that I’ve been using for a long time.

I didn’t find anything comparable to apg, but I came across a blog post by Curtis Copley describing his algorithm for generating grammatically-correct random passphrases, a neat idea. He provided source code in PL/SQL and Java. Both painful languages for me. How about a Perl translation? Looking at the code, I was discouraged: “This is impossible.”

But then, looking closer at the algorithm: “Hey, maybe not that bad.”

So I coded up a Perl implementation. As far as I can tall, it’s accurate. If you’d like to look, more information and the code is here.

Still haven’t changed my passphrases, though.

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  1. Bill Costa says:

    This XKCD cartoon is particularly apt for this topic:

    Perhaps also of interest:

    for computing the ‘goodness’ of those passphrases.

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