Adding Code Snippets to Software@UNH Posts

For all you software@UNH Contributors I have added the ability to add formatted code snippets to your posts, a la:

Echo "Hello, World!";

To make this work you should probably use the HTML editor (I’ve had some issues with making this work with the Visual editor) and add the appropriate open and close elements around your code.  For example:

   [php]  ... your code... [/php]
   [css]  ... your styles... [/css]

This uses the SyntaxHighlighter plugin. Check out this link for a list of supported languages.

Data Sanitization with jQuery Validation Plugin

jQuery is a JavaScript Library that simplifies the creation of dynamic HTML documents that work for every browser. It allows for user generated plugins to extended functionality.

One useful jQuery Plugin is Validation. This Plugin allows you to quickly and easily check to ensure that the values entered into a form by the user are accurate. This functionality helps improves the usability of a webform and the accuracy of the data collected by giving the user feed back as they are entering data. Read more »

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