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Website Accessibility

Paul Irish tends to say smart things; he does it again when considering web content accessibility.

As he concludes, accessibility shouldn’t be an opt-in proposition, it should be opt-out, if anything. Browsers should have better accessibility built in; wouldn’t the world be a better place if accessible renderings were more often the default?

Accessibility As A Value

Bad news today for the disabled: Oracle has dropped Sun’s commitment to an accessible GNOME desktop. This is the first concrete piece of evil since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun was made official (other potential evils have received ample speculation, even here).

A couple of you may recall a presentation at UNH back in 2008 on this exact subject (synopsis of presentation) by one of Sun’s GNOME developers. That was clearly some good work those people were up to.

One of the criticisms of Sun, as a for-profit company, was that it had become more focused on values than the bottom line. Maybe so. Perhaps this is why they became Oracle’s dinner.

But as an Oracle customer, UNH should be concerned that the company’s actions are out of step with our core values of diversity and inclusion. We *know* that making allowances for each and every member of our community consumes extra resources.

We should tell Oracle that we see that as a challenge, not a waste.

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